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The Best Ford Maverick Cactus Grey 2023

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Boasting standard hybrid tech, flexible, fun, and the North American truck of the year. Maverick Cactus Grey is breaking all stereotypes. With endless customization options, a spacious interior, and the technology you need. The Ford Maverick is for those who never knew they needed a truck. Ford’s elegant compact redefines the American pickup with a shockingly low price. 

 Ford Maverick

According to the Ford Maverick Truck Club administrator, Roger M owns the Cactus Grey paint. It is perfect for crossing or escaping a busy city and has room for all your gear. The owner has equipped it to help you tackle the next home project, haul your stuff, and more. 

For the modification list, the truck starts with a rough country leveling kit that raises the front end an inch. Price at just $100 at press time, the kit includes two slots and all necessary hardware to install in three hours. Next, you will see the KMC KM542 impact black painted wheels with 38 offsets and 17-by-8.0 alloys attached with Falcon Wild pack all-terrain rubber boots. 

 Ford Maverick

Further, the Ford Maverick Cactus Grey small pickup is a big deal because of its affordable price. There is a list of the five reasons the 2022 Ford Maverick is a big deal. 

It is not that Small

If you have been in a modern duty pickup, you should know that there are NYC condos smaller than these things. The rise of these big road beasts has changed our idea of a ‘small’ pickup, which means the small Maverick isn’t necessarily what you might expect. 

Ford Maverick doesn’t feel small, and the numbers back it up: at 199.7 inches end to end, it is barely shorter than the ’90s Flareside. It is also longer than some body styles of the previous generation Rangers and perhaps more appropriate for truck buyers. Maverick is 4.0 inches longer than Hyundai Santa Cruz. 

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Standard Hybrid Powertrain

The surprising part of Maverick’s reveal was not that ford was sticking a hybrid powertrain in it; an electrified drivetrain is standard. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder works with a 94-kW battery container, delivering a combined 191 horsepower. A continuously variable transmission sends power to the wheels alone with that drivetrain. 

The Interior is Fresh & Funky

 Ford Maverick

This pre-production XLT trim is in no way the lap of luxury, but it is not a glorified Kinder Surprize interior. The plastic material stands out with mottled, light grey bits contrasting the usual black. The large doors make the door closing easy with deep pockets to store water bottles. The cloth-covered front seats with moving back position, 35.9 inches hybrid rear large room is better than the mid-sized Toyota Tacoma and the upcoming Corrolla Cross. 

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The Practicality Matters

Plenty of thoughtful touches make the Maverick a practical partner in everyday activities. Its small size and ride height symbolize the adults who should reach into the bed right from the side of the truck. The liftover height of the tailgate is 30 inches which allows you to sit at multiple angles. Ford is calling the Maverick’s tail section 4.5-feet Flexbed with many slots that enable users to divvy up the space by slotting into 2 x 4s and 2 x 6s. 

Ford Maverick’s Price

The cost of Ford Maverick Cactus Grey, $21,490, is a big deal. The freakin’ EcoSport rings around that price which is cramped, chintzy, and worse on gas. Other cars’ prices start near the Maverick: Toyota Corolla L $21,020, Honda Civic LX $22,715, and Nissan Kicks S $20,700. It becomes interesting when you own Maverick at similar prices with the interior room, the utility of a bed out back, and a good fuel economy.

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