Cars That Start With J

8 Best Cars That Start With J

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Let’s discuss the best cars that start with j. People worldwide like to drive cars with specific colors, designs, and models. But some prefer cars starting with alphabetic letters, as they have different beliefs. Some call it superstition, while some say it is a matter of faith. There are several examples of such happenings around you, especially car lovers with this kind of thing. 

The letters represent many enterprises. Some notes are more attractive to the company founders. These include the letter “J”, which appears mainly in monograms that form the mark and logo of automotive brands. Many car enthusiasts out there in the world are looking for cars that start with J. 

Apart from Jeep and Jaguar, there are plenty of other car models we will go over today that start with J.

Cars That Start With J

Following are the details of cars that start with j.


Cars That Start With J

Jaguar has been a British car manufacturer since 1922. In 1935, a British motor manufacturing industry manager divided Jaguar into Land Rover. Later, the Ford motor company purchased the Jaguar Land Rover. And now, the Tata motors company owns it.

Jaguar Cars are famous for constructing luxury cars, including crossovers, sports cars, and others. Because of its high-end performance, it has a great demand worldwide. It is a three-dimensional figure that comes in grey, metallic, black, and other gradient colors. All these colors have different effects and features.


Cars That Start With J

Jeep is a luxury automobile brand from 1941. And the division of FCA US LLC, a subordinate of the Italian-American corporation Fiat Chrysler automobiles. The company owned the Jeep thoroughly in 1987. The primary purpose of producing Jeep was to fulfill defense for the production of military vehicles. 

The product range of Jeep comprises only sport utility motor vehicles such as trucks, pickup trucks, off-road cars, and so on. The colors of the logo represent its uniqueness, elegance, and originality. 

Jac Motors

Jac motors own cars that start with j. This automobile brand belongs to China. The Hefei Jiang Huai automobile company established this model in 1964, based in Abhoi province, China. The brand Volkswagen and the government of Anhui co-own this brand. 

Cars That Start With J

The company is well-known for producing cars at affordable price points and operates all over the world. The product line offered by Jac is rather vast, including not only electric vehicles but also commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, and many automotive components. The company is on its way to becoming the fifth largest auto enterprise and high-tech manufacturing.

JBA Motors

Cars That Start With J

JBA Motors has been a British carmaker based in England that makes retro cars since 1982. Three British Leyland engineers, Josh Barlow, David George Ashley, and Kenneth Jones, founded the company. They produced pre-world war two vehicles like JBA Falcon, JBA Sports, Sri, and JBA Falcon TSR.


Cars That Start With J

Jensen was a British car maker that Richard Jensen founded in 1922. Later on, the company ceased training in 1976 and resumed in 1998. But it kept producing motor vehicles till 2011, and finally dissolved. The company specializes in sports cars, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars. 



Javan, the British automobile manufacturer, is an upcoming car brand from 2003. The manufacturers are responsible for designing and developing the Javan R1, a 220 bhp track-oriented speedster. The company revealed the prototype for Javan R1 in 2006 and went into long-lasting manufacturing. 

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JMC | Cars That Start With J

Cars That Start With J

JMC is a Chinese automobile manufacturing company. Jiangling Motors manufacturers have been producing JMC motors since 1968. They also link with Changan Jiangling Motor Handling, which sells automobiles under the Landwind Marque. Jiangling released the first passenger car, Yushend SUV, in 2010. It is an affordable car model for you if you want to do pickups.

Jetta | Volkswagen

Cars That Start With J

Volkswagen owns cars that start with j. The Volkswagen group created Jetta, a Chinese car marque, by joining with FAW group in 2019. It was founded on the fundamental tenets of Volkswagen, such as its commitment to quality, safety, and value and a distinct design language. Soon, Jetta will establish its network of dealerships and will approach customers directly with innovative sales formats.

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