How can You Give a Standing Spray Depth?

Let’s discuss how you can give a standing spray depth.

Standing sprays are floral arrangements people offer during funerals; they frequently place them on easels. Standing sprays are a popular way to honor a loved one and remember their kindness and love. They are a significant choice for funeral directors to use in cemeteries and funerals on the graveside.

Standing sprays are a kind of funeral flowers that you should not send to a person’s home or office; instead, you should reserve them for formal events, including funerals, memorials, and cemetery ceremonies. Please keep reading to learn more about these vertical sprays and discover who is liable for them. 

What is Standing Spray?

standing spray depth

Standing spray is a vertical, relatively flat flower orientation that people can exhibit on an easel. They range flowers in standing spray in a fan shape with diameters varying from one to three feet. As they are flat, you can add a message of affection in the middle of the spray and arrange them in a cross, heart, or diamond style. 

Since most of these arrangements have tendrils of flowers and leaves that appear to burst and shoot out from the center; therefore the term ‘spray’ is an appropriate epithet for these arrangements. 

Giving Standing Spray Depth

standing spray depth

One way to add depth is by using different flowers because flowers of diverse sizes, colors, and textures can give the arrangement more dimensions. On the other hand, adding green leaves and branches can fill out the spray and give it a three-dimensional look. Now we will look at things required to show standing spray depth. 

Things to consider

Before learning to give standing spray depth, a few things you should keep in mind. 

  • You should choose one out of three types of sprays, such as single-ended, double-ended, and cascading. 
  • You should consider the arrangement size that will determine how much depth you are required to give the flowers.
  • The third thing to determine is the flower type you use, like roses, will direct more depth than others.
  • The next thing you should consider is the type of occasion. If you are giving the spray as a gift, you should give it more depth that lasts longer. But at a funeral, you should give it less depth.
  • It would help if you also thought about your budget. If your budget is low, you can give the spray less depth to save money. 

Ways to Give Standing Spray Depth

standing spray depth

Besides different flowers and greenery, you can add depth to a standing spray using a variety of vases. These containers or vases help to give the spray some extra depth. You can group vases of different sizes, shapes, and colors to create a visually impressive display. It allows you to create a diverse assortment of charming and elegant funeral and memorial arrangements ideal for any occasion. 

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Different Styles of Standing Sprays

standing spray depth

Standing sprays is an arrangement of flowers that people usually prepare to place on a flat surface. The people make sprays with flowers with a long stem to set adequately. You can arrange the bouquet in a simple style that includes:

  • A single wreath with a ribbon or bow.
  • A large arrangement with different flower types and colors. 
  • A small structure with a single flower.


Overall, the standing spray is significant to offer honor to your loved ones. It is crucial to acquire the necessary knowledge to respect the deceased and beautify the burial environment. Preparing a fitting farewell for a loved one is one of the highest honors we can offer as a way to celebrate a life well lived. The standing sprays and bouquets accomplish this goal.


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