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How many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-Durables?

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According to the BLS data from May 2022, around 2,132,400 consumer non-durables are available to purchase in the United States. The extensive range of consumer non-durables industry covers temporary products such as food, paper products, and beauty products. The industry is expanding rapidly, with millions of new jobs available anytime. The consumer non-durables industry employed 1.6 million jobs as of April 2022. By July 2022, around 6 million jobs were available in this crucial and developing economic actor. 

Non-durables are opposite to the durables that people use for a long time. In simple terms, non-durables refer to the products that the company produces for immediate consumption by the users and have a shorter lifespan, unlike consumer durables. Consumer non-durables describe the goods you can use up during a single use, including bakery toiletries, beverages, tobacco products, and other substances. 

Is Consumer Non-durables A Good Career Path?

A career in consumer non-durables is a good career path, as you use countless consumer goods daily. So the people working in this sector are always looking to meet the demand for a particular product. 

Jobs available in the non-durables industry would shape your everyday life because it is easy to have variety and keep things interesting in your daily routine. If you have an opportunity to work in this industry, you should not lose this chance because it is a good and high-paying career path. There is a variety of job opportunities in this sector you should employ. 

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durables Sector?

The most common jobs in this industry are in production and manufacturing, but many jobs are in marketing and sales. Some of the best-paying jobs in the consumer sector include:

Paper Manufacturing

Consumer Non-Durables

People use a variety of paper every day, in the form of paper napkins, towels, napkins, bathroom tissue, journal paper, and many other papers. Besides, students use paper to write notes, and traders, financial experts, and lawyers use it to work. These products require special knowledge of the task. However, non-durable paper-producing companies use workers in various production and logical works.

Average per hour Salary: $29

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Food Manufacturing

Consumer Non-Durables

The soft food and beverage industry offers various highly paid jobs daily because food is crucial for humans and animals. Having a steady source of income from this disposable consumer sector is straightforward if you have the right skills. In the consumer non-durable field, you can find science experts, producers, packers, and machine operators. 

Average per hour Salary: $23.50

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Consumer Non-Durables

The use of medication is necessary for a good and decent life for a man if they are sick. Simultaneously, the drug production industry may be critical that people will consume. However, the Pharmaceutical sector employs various professionals, including analysts, researchers, lab technicians, and production workers. 

Average per hour Salary: $24

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Farm Tools Production Companies

Consumer Non-Durables

Farm and tools production is appealing and lucrative and requires force and power. The companies in these industries employ laborers, transporters, salespeople, and cargo movers and transportation to run this field. So, if you can do this job, you can think about it. 

Average per hour Salary: $26

Companies in Consumer Non-durables Sector

There are three big names in the consumer non-durables industry, including Protector & Gamble (PG), 3M (MMM), and Colgate Palmolive (CL). These companies dominate both sales and stock, but other smaller firms can generate higher earnings and have large margins. They include:

  • Coca-cola
  • Procter
  • Dr.Pepper Snapple Group

Pros & Cons of Working in Consumer Non-durables

The consumer industry has many benefits and drawbacks for employees.


  1. Higher wages
  2. Several job opportunities with the freedom to choose where you live and work
  3. Services from other employees


  1. Career development may be stagnant.
  2. Jobs are likely to increase with the introduction of technology.

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Consumer non-durables are for personal use, and the need to replace them is crucial, which is necessary for the existence of jobs. It is an ever-green industry due to the high demand for food. Many consumer non-durable job opportunities in the United States are satisfying and financially rewarding. There has been an average of 5 million vacancies in this industry recently.

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