Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path In 2022?

Oil & Gas production is a big industry worldwide. The sector offers many skilled jobs, both ones that need a college degree and ones that don’t. So, if you are interested and want to get your feet in this field, a question must be striking in your mind, is oil & gas production a good career path?

All of us have diverse opinions concerning this sector. Some people look for the best paychecks, and some for working conditions. Working in the oil and gas industry may affect our environment negatively. But the industry is still going strong and has a bright future. 

So, we can say that the oil & gas production industry is a good career path because it offers different career opportunities. 

The petroleum industry requires workers globally, which means there will never be a shortage of work in this field. Working in this sector can be rewarding personally and professionally. Developments are rapidly occurring in this industry. So, it would be best if you kept an eye on the latest trends emerging. 

Oil & Gas Production
Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path?

You can enjoy the salaries in this field higher than average due to your educational background. Besides, the lucrative financial bonuses come into play that will make the remote places attractive to workers.

Diverse Career Paths

Oil & Gas Production

The oil & gas production industry offers many career paths depending on your qualifications and experience. There are some job positions below related to the industry.

Petroleum Engineer 

A petroleum engineer is a part of all stages of oil & gas field assessment, development, and production. This field has reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, and petroleum geologists. So, you can choose the career that suits your qualification and experience. Petroleum engineers earn almost $96,000 each year.

Energy Engineer

An energy engineer is responsible for producing renewable energy through natural resources like the extraction of oil & gas, biofuels, wind, hydro, and solar power. The work of an energy engineer includes surveys and site inspections. The median salary of an engineer is up to &80,000 per year.

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The geologists interpret geophysical, geochemical, and geological to develop models for discovering commercially viable reserves of natural resources, including oil, gas, and mineral water. A geologist makes his average salary above $62,000 per year.

Engineering Geologist

An engineering geologist is responsible for assessing natural conditions, including geological risks. He also analyzes the factors that can create problems during the engineering process. He usually earns $48,487 each year. 

Important things to Consider

Every industry has its advantages and disadvantages. So, it would help if you considered some important things relevant to the oil & gas industry. 

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety has always been a significant concern in the oil & gas production sector. Many people did not choose this field because of uncertain workers’ safety. But, recently, the industry has paid attention to workplace safety and introduced poor safety protocols. 

Working Conditions 

In this industry, you can work in a furnished, air-conditioned, comfortable office or under extremely harsh conditions. The working conditions in this field depend on your job position and place. Some people like to move on taking up challenges, while some avoid working hard in extreme condition conditions. Therefore, you need to know this important factor. 

Pay Scale 

While choosing a career, the first question that people ask is, will I ever be able to make a lot of money? 

Well, there is good news for the workers as well. Oil and gas production jobs can be lucrative that allow you to work abroad. These offshore job opportunities come with a handsome salary depending on the job position. 

Industry’s Future

Many people consider that the oil & gas production industry is the industry of the past. But, this doesn’t seem right, as this industry supports 9.8 million jobs in the USA. They range from entry-level jobs to administrative positions or places. So, the oil & gas industry production is a good career path whether it is the past industry.


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