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The Best Island Boys Net Worth Flyysoulja And Kodiyakredd

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The island boys are 20-years-old American twins brothers from Florida who became an internet sensation after their song “Island Boys,” which went viral on Tik Tok. Within a month of that musical success, they have already reached a total value of $700 thousand, according to estimation. 

Island Boy’s Net Worth?

Island boys are famous for their rap names Kodiakredd and Flyysoulja, respectively, but their real names are Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas. Franky began his musical journey in 2020, releasing several songs. Then Alex came with the island boys, and the duo is famous for their hit song “The Island Boys.”

By 2022, their annual income was about $50,000. The primary source of Island boys’ revenue comes from Tik Tok and Brands, their Youtube Channel, with 28.4k subscribers and over 8 million views. They know how to be funny and get attention on social media. They have only been in music for a short time, so it will be interesting if they can maintain their popularity. 

In this article, we will cover everything from the income and net worth of the Iceland Boys to their personal lives and professional careers.

Biography Of Island Boys

Island brothers is a duo of twin brothers, Alex and Franky, who were born in Florida, United States, on July 16, 2001, and are famous for their stage names Kodiakredd and Flyysoulj. When they were younger, they lost their father because of a heart attack in 2007. They are well-known for their popular hairstyles because Alex’s hairstyle is yellow, but Franki’s hair is brown with a hint of blond. There isn’t further information about the educational background and parents of the Iceland Brothers. 

Career Of Island Boys

Franky, one of the twin brothers, began his musical career in 2020 and went by the nickname redd_4x and has some songs to his credit like “Real Right,” “Smoke,” and “9ine”. In October 2021, Flyysoulja and Kodiakredd released a new song, “I am Iceland Boy.” 

As soon as they released the music on Tik Tok, it went viral all around the internet, and their followers accelerated on Tik Tok in massive numbers after the viral video. After the release of their video, the twin brothers emerged as Tik Tok Superstar. 

As of 2021, Flyysoulja has 1.3 million fans, and Kodiyakredd has 714.2k followers. Besides, they also have a youtube channel, where they upload videos or vlogs daily. By uploading their viral Tik Tok video on youtube, they have generated up to 2.1 million views increasing its worth to $100 thousand. 

Personal Life

Island brothers belong to wealthy families. But at thirteen, the police arrested them for burglary, and later, they uploaded a video with a house arrest bracelet. They grew up in a single-family home with their mother after their father’s death. 

The status of the Brothers’ relationship is still unknown, but they might have hinted on their social media. On October 14, Flyysoulja posted a photo with @toxiicfaiirry, describing his lady love as a spiritual child. Similarly, Kodiyakredd also appears to be watching someone during this time. On September 2, 2021, he posted a video dancing with his girlfriend on Instagram and captioned this video, “Know to Me.”

What makes the island boys famous?

The Iceland Boys have recently become famous for their charming personalities and distinctive looks. Before becoming famous, Franky began his musical career and recorded a few songs, while, on the other hand, Alex published the Song Money. They can establish media characters who get a lot of attention due to the success of their viral song. They also have a youtube channel where they post videos, audio clips, and video songs.

As a result, their net worth has reached $700 thousand, which comes from Tik Tok and youtube, as they have millions of followers and hundreds of subscribers.

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