Laura Fuentes Awesome Food And Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Laura Fuentes, the CEO of Fuentes Media, is the founder of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur and MOMables, knowing the struggle of balancing home and work intimately. Laura is the author of three cookbooks, producer of video projects and food and lifestyle campaigns, and makes television appearances. She has competed on the food network and won. 

Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur

With her global economics background, MBA in business development, and seven years of growing her online business, Laura helps other entrepreneurs to develop and scale their businesses at She aims to bridge the gap between creativity and strategy so that other business people can grow their online businesses. 

Laura Fuentes

Big brands like Sabra Hummus, Nestle, and Bobs Red Mill hire her and reach up to 700,000 unique visitors per month. MOMables helps parents feed their children the best-tasting healthy food without spending enough time in the kitchen or breaking the bank. On her sites, including and, Laura shares weekly recipe plans and cookbooks and even provides you with a meal delivery service. 

Laura Fuentes tells you what it needs to live a refreshed and healthy life. She does all these things while raising her three children. 

Ways to Make Mealtime Easier | Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Laura’s website offers three ways to make your food time easier.

Meal Planning

Laura Fuentes provides a free diet plan per week. In her pursuit, she teaches how thousands of families are eating delicious, real food. She suggests simple, kid-friendly recipes, a meal prep guide, and a complete shopping list. 

Besides, you will get a printable weekly meal plan, five family-friendly recipes, cooking videos, allergy substitution, and time-saving tips. The recipes in this classic Meal Plan Sample contain natural-food ingredients that are budget-friendly. 

Eat Real Food

Making healthy for your family seems impossible because everyone eats different things of his choice. Up to 95% of parents in our community want lower packaged foods, but they don’t know where to begin. Therefore, Laura Fuentes has offered a free Clean Eating Book where she teaches how to eliminate processed foods and sugars from your family’s diet using simple ingredients. 

In her guidebook, you will also learn how you can prepare a meal that the whole family will enjoy. You will find simple and delicious food recipes for your family, a list of ingredients that should exist in your fridge or pantry, and a weekly meal plan with clean ingredients. 

Picky Eating Help

Now cooking has become a core as it is almost impossible to please everyone. And to get everyone to food, you have to cook and serve different dishes. Above 70% of parents say that mealtimes are a struggle. To reduce the stress of cooking, Laura Fuentes has provided you an online eBOOK that you can download and search for recipes. 

The eBook contains strategies and tips that help transform the mealtimes of thousands of parents in our community. 

The mom behind MOMables is a website from Laura that has helped up to 20 million parents take the stress out of meal times with weekly plans since 2011. 

Laura, as a Speaker

In recent years, Laura has been a speaker at private events, food & blogging conferences, food festivals, etc.

She has deep knowledge about how to feed children nutritious food that they will eat. During busy family life, she translates her passion for real food into inspiring and captivating appearances everyone desires. She operates a successful online business extensively. She has shared her experience at many blogging and business conferences.

Laura Fuentes is an experienced speaker in small workshop-type settings, large audiences, and conference break-out sessions. She is not afraid to take center stage in places, including Bryan Park and NYC, and shares her spirit with hundreds of parents.


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