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ProjAIX is a simple cloud-based AI-powered imagery platform that enables companies to have a new business and operational capabilities by processing and analyzing visual data. It uses AI ML and CV technologies to extract information from imagery data. It also allows businesses to gain a quick and accurate insight into business intelligence and business decisions depending on the ready-to-use AI Platform. 

The company is showing significant development with the help of satisfied paying customers who have steadily increased their purchase orders until now and the pipeline of WW leading companies launching POC like SMRT, Kuehne Negal, Astrata, and others. Companies develop and adopt AI technologies quickly, accurately, and affordably depending on their size with the help of ProjAIX. 

This web-based platform guides the user to transform his visual data into valuable information for business intelligence in some simple steps. The steps include defining technical use cases from existing industries ProjAIX already support, choosing object classification, choosing recognition type and outcome format, and uploading visual data. From that point, ProjAIX is responsible for data cleaning, filtering, detection, and classification to ready the users to use data for their business. 

ProjAIX Technology use Cases.

There are the following use cases of this AI Annotation technology.



ProjAIX’s AI-powered imagery platform bridges the gap between image and video data and AI applications for the automotive industry by providing computer vision building blocks that enable the automotive business to capture shots faster at a lower cost. It allows you to process a massive amount of data while maintaining high accuracy, quality, and consistency. Some benefits of this platform in the automotive industry include: 

  • Large-scale automotive visual analysis work
  • Get started without ML skills
  • Detect irregularities and plagiarism to ensure brand safety
  • More accuracy in object and face detection
  • Reduce SLAs to enhance the customer’s experience


ProjAIX’s machine learning algorithms are helping insurance companies increase accuracy and rapidly reduce claims processing hours. They also help insurance brokers simplify their operations by reducing the time required and the fraud incidents. They enable insurance businesses to deliver a better customer experience and improve sales performance and effectiveness. Some benefits of ML algorithms in insurance include:

  • Reduce cost per claim
  • Rapid claims process
  • Improved diagnosis accuracy
  • Reduction in fraud claims
  • Minimize insurance debate
  • Reduce settlement time
  • Increase the satisfaction of customers


ProjAIX’s AI solutions focus on automatically identifying containers, people, and truck activities to increase transparency by enhancing service quality, improving customer satisfaction, and providing options to improve transportation and logistic requirements. They increase transparency in a quick, secure, and cost-effective manner. Some benefits of AI solutions include:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increase security by verifying the location
  • Lower vehicle turnaround times
  • Enhance the efficiency of receiving and shipping process to optimize the warehouse operations

Story Behind the ProjAIX

The founders of ProjAIX are Yuval Kamely, Taal Wyan, and Yaniv Alfi, who worked for many years in the mobility industry. Over time, they faced the difficulties, challenges, resources, and money needed to implement BI and AI applications based on visual data. They have hundreds of startup visual-based companies to develop AI applications.

But these companies employ costly professional services and demand intensive operational resources. Therefore, they decided to set up ProjAIX and provide a simple cloud-based AI-powered imagery platform. It would serve these companies and many other corporates that face the same challenges of processing and analyzing a lot of visual data in the most cost-effective way. 

Final Words

ProjAIX, a cloud-based AI-powered imagery platform, gives businesses new commercial and operational capabilities by processing and analyzing visual data. With the assistance of happy paying clients who have steadily raised their purchase orders until this point, the business is seeing tremendous growth. Large-scale automotive visual analysis work is one of the advantages of using this platform in the automotive industry.

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