Volvo V70 Dog Guard 2022

Ensuring your dog is safe and secure in the boot is a priority for many dog owners, so why not invest in a Volvo V70 dog guard for your Volvo vehicle?  

It is a perfect tool for concerned dog owners or those distressed about the dangers of traveling with insecure cargo. The manufacturers have customized it specifically for the car you drive, giving you a perfect fit and easy installation in less than 15 minutes. This mild steel guard with an attractive dark grey scratch resistance cotton is also easy to remove. 

Dog guards are a partition between your car seats and boot, which ensures that your pet cannot readily enter the passenger compartment. It is not only people who need to be safe in the car while it is in motion. In a head-on collision, anything that does not exist in its place will pose a danger to the occupants as it pushes forward_and includes a tour pet. That is why it is necessary to keep your faithful dog in safety. Even if you don’t have pets, the dog boot guard could be a good idea to prevent the items like shopping through the vehicle in the event of an impact. Learn more about the dog boot guard and its different types. 

Volvo V70 Dog Guard Black

Volvo V70 dog guard is a practical safety grill that prevents loads or pets from falling into the passenger compartment in heavy braking or collision. It has safe and stable functions with convenient use. There are no mounting hooks behind the rear seat or roof, and factory-prepared mounting points inside the car mean simple installation. The grill has two gas-filled struts with an auto-locking function. 

Volvo V70 Dog Guard Divider

Volvo V70 guard is a steel cargo compartment separator that allows you to separate the cargo compartment lengthwise; thus, a cargo has two boxes. So, you can separate dirty or fragile goods from the clean load. The tool is also valid for dog owners because the grille makes it possible to carry a dog separate from other equipment. It will help if you fit the cargo compartment separator with a dog guard. 

Volvo V70 Dog Guard Load Protection Net Black

Volvo V70 Dog Guard
Volvo V70 Dog Guard

It is a nylon-made, strong practical square-patterned protective net with two sections (60/40). The net prevents luggage and cargo from rolling forward in the passenger compartment in heavy braking. It would be best if you used this protective net while folding down the backseat and transporting large and heavy loads. Then you could attach the net with the front roof bracket. You can rapidly install the net using existing stands and mounting eyelets.

Volvo V40 Dog Guard 

Volvo V40 Dog Guard is a well-designed and color-matched steel load grille for installation in the cargo compartment. It is practical for those dog owners who want to prevent the dog from getting into the passenger box. The two-piece steel grille enables you to fold the rear backrest with the grille attached. 

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The Dog Boot Guard: Pros & Cons | Volvo V70 Dog Guard

Some advantages and drawbacks of the dog boot guard include:


  • You can attach it to the rear or front seats.
  • It is suitable for most cars with headrests. 
  • Uses the boot effectively as the guards do not need poles to hold it. 
  • Available at Amazon for quick delivery. 
  • It does not obstruct the view through the rearview mirror.
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Mesh wiring prevents larger dogs from getting their paws on the back seat. 


  • Some cheaper models of dog boot guards are on the market. 
  • There can be gaps around the guard sometimes. 
  • The dog guards require headrests which some cars don’t have on the rear seats.


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